Sister act leads New Albany golf

New Albany girls golf is looking to make a run at state this year, and leading the way are a sister duo, contributing to a lot of the Lady Bulldogs’ success.
Lenzi and Summer Sanderson began playing the sport at an early age, and continue to encourage one another now as they play at the varsity level.
“We’ve been playing golf together since we were little, playing in father/child tournaments,” Lenzi said. “I don’t know if I would have continued playing if it weren’t for Summer.”

Lenzi credits some aspects of her game to her older sibling, as they are the number one and three golfers for the Lady Bulldogs.
“She [Summer] taught me to go faster, since I tend to play slower,” Lenzi said. “I try not to hold up the other golfers, and I’m getting better about my speed on the course.”
Added Summer, “Lenzi does everything I do, so I carry her along, and we’re really close, like a lot of sisters.”
“I feel like she looks to me to show her what to do. I get mad very easily, so I try to show her how not to do that, because it does not help. I think I’ve had a pretty good influence on her since we’re always together.”
As far as sibling rivalry, Summer admits she works hard to not let her little sister beat her, though it has happened once; a feat Lenzi is most proud of.
“I’ve beaten her once, that’s all, and it was a really good time; pretty awesome,” Lenzi said.
“I don’t like for her to beat me,” Summer added, laughing.
With new classifications for golf this season, the Lady Bulldogs compete in Class II, taking on Pontotoc, Itawamba and Saltillo in district play. With the removal of Tupelo to Class III, the girls are confident of their chances of being successful in the district tournament, which will be held on April 21.
“We have a pretty solid top three, and we have a chance at being good this year,” Summer said. “We’ve had a few hard matches where we’ve struggled, but I think once we get in the groove, it will come out pretty good.”
“Tupelo has been our biggest competition so far, but they’re no longer in our division, so we won’t have to compete with that at state, but we’re still fighting with them.”
The Lady Bulldogs will compete at Tupelo Country Club on Thursday, and after the district tournament next month, they are looking forward to state, which will be held May 7-8 at Canton Country Club.
“I think we have a really good chance at winning our division this year,” Summer said. “I completely expect to go to state, and I like our chances there, so long as we don’t allow the other teams to get in our heads.”