Charter school funding

Dear Editor:

Here are some issues to consider about Mississippi charter school funding.

In both the senate and house bills, each charter school would be considered a separate school district? Would that not create more school districts at a time when the legislature says there should be fewer?
Also, charter bills would create a board at the state level to approve and regulate local charter schools. Would this not create another regulatory agency?
Both state and federal budget allocations to districts are based on mandated programs that charter schools typically either do not include, or include in a very limited manner.  Some examples of mandated programs include: alternative schools, bus transportation, gifted, vocational, and special education as well as drop out prevention programs.  Additionally, districts must pay state retirement and insurance benefits.   If a charter school (district) does not offer state or federally mandated programs, it should not receive funds intended for those programs.

Chuck Garrett
New Albany