Garrett announced as project leader for Wellspring School

Early Monday, Tupelo's CREATE Foundation leaders announced Dr. Charles Garrett as the project leader for Wellspring School for Professional Futures.

Dr. Garrett, who has served as the superintendent of the New Albany School District for the past 11 and a half years, will take over the position on July 1.

Garrett also publicly announced his retirement as superintendent of the school district, which will take affect on June 30.

Garrett said his reason for wanting to work with CREATE and Toyota on the project was in part because of the vision local leaders have shown for bringing the auto manufacturer and its suppliers to the Northeast Misssissippi area.

CREATE leaders came up with the idea for the Wellspring school after counties in the PUL Alliance charged it with overseeing a $50 million education endowment to be split between school districts in Union, Pontotoc and Lee Counties. 

Officials project a cost of $35 million to construct the facility, which will offer hands-on training for junior and senior high school students in the three counties in subjects such as engineering, health sciences, architecture and culinary arts.