Locals find success in rabbit dog hunting

 The sport of rabbit dog hunting has brought some recent success to a couple of locals that I feel is more than worthy of mentioning.

I’m well aware that outdoor activities do not make it to the sports pages as often as some would like, so when I receive information on people achieving success in this area, I do my best to not only write about it, but really take the time to study and learn what it is they’re doing.

My current schooling is in beagle field trials, and in particular, rabbit dog hunting. The season runs from September to April, ending with the national competition each April. 

Last weekend, locals Bubba Seger and Jackie Brown traveled for nationals, where 400 beagles participated. The duo trains roughly 10 dogs, and have been doing so for five years through their kennel, Cruise-On kennels.

In a normal beagle field trial, the dogs are placed in groups of seven, where they are judged and the faulty ones eliminated. The best five from each group are placed, separated by males and females.

For Seger and Brown, one of their beagles, Cruise-On-Big Jon was named the national champion, while Cruise-On-Marcel, another male dog they train, placed third as a field champion. Unprecedented for the duo, they also had a third dog, female Cruise-On-Sunshine, that placed second in her category. 

From talking to Brown about the sport and nationals in particular, it is very difficult to have one dog place, let alone three, and at the national level, nonetheless. 

So what made these men interested in this sport to being with?

Growing up avid hunters, this is just another part of what they already enjoy doing, so they began competing in regional competitions. This is, by far, their most successful year.

It will be tough to top this year, but Brown said they’re looking forward to going back out in September and building on their accomplishments from this season.

On page 3B of this issue, you will find a picture from the competition with Seger, Brown and their prize dogs. Also, be on the lookout, as I’m plotting another fishing trip with my mystery fisherman, which I’m sure will be as eventful as our last adventure!