Myrtle man charged with dealing cocaine

Local law enforcement officials believe they have taken one of Union County’s long-time drug dealers off the streets.

Investigators with the Union County Sheriff’s Department and the New Albany Police Department arrested Dwight Gilbert, 50, of 1055 County Road 54 in Myrtle at 8 p.m. Monday for allegedly selling cocaine for an extended period of time.
Union County Sheriff Jimmy Edwards said the arrest was the culmination of a three-month-long investigation.
“We believe this arrest has gotten one of the county’s big drug dealers off the streets,” Edwards said.
Edwards said that investigators seized eight grams of cocaine, along with $250 in cash and two four-wheelers when they executed a search warrant of Gilbert’s residence Monday.
“We have intelligence that leads us to believe that he had been selling cocaine on a daily basis for a long time,” Edwards said.  “We believe he had been using the four-wheelers to go and make deliveries or meet up with people to sell the cocaine.”
Edwards said that he has been officially been charged with sale of cocaine and possession of cocaine with intent to sell.  Gilbert is expected to be held without bond by the Mississippi Department of Corrections, due to the fact that he was out on parole for a similar charge at the time of the arrest.
“We think that there is the potential that Gilbert could be declared a habitual offender, which would only compound his charges and possible sentencing if he’s found guilty,” Edwards said.
One count of the sale of cocaine could carry up to 30 years in prison, Edwards said.
The sheriff went on to say that investigators expect to make one more arrest in this case by the end of this week.