Blue Springs leaders adopt new zoning map

The Town of Blue Springs Board of Aldermen Tuesday adopted the official zoning map and ordinance  for the town.

Zoning regulations come in the form of an ordinance and an official map and these regulations are used to implement the comprehensive plan, which is a guide to the future of the town.
This means that residents who came to Monday night’s public hearing were able to have changes made to the map from their requests and the new map with the changes is now officially adopted and approved.
Meg Crockett,  planner and project manager for Slaughter and Associates, helped build the zoning map, the future land use plan, and Slaughter and Associates created the town’s comprehensive plan.
The first draft zoning map was presented to the board in Feb. and at Monday night’s meeting, the proposed zoning map was presented, with a few changes that had been made since February.
“Throughout this process, we have tried to address as many comunity concerns as possible, specifically in regards to how new commercial zoning will affect property owners currently. There were minimal changes from comments at the public hearing. These changes were along Highway 178 and near B&B Concrete where the future land use plan calls this area to be commercial and industrial zoning,” said Crockett.
The future land use plan is a future guide to what may happen in the future in case of town growth, but nothing is set in stone with the future land use plan and map.
Crockett said, “Property owners requested their zoning to match the future land use plan. This request was also in accordance with one of our first draft zoning maps to the Town in February. The adopted zoning map protects the property owners, addresses the required MOU restricted land uses, and accounts for potential growth and development along the highway corridor.”
In the future, if a resident wishes for their piece of property to be rezoned another way, there is a process in which that resident would go by that would allow the board to become aware of the rezoning request. An application would need to be submitted 30 days in advance of the requested time of rezoning, neighbors would be notified, a public hearing would take place, and interested parties in that matter would come before the Blue Springs Board of Aldermen for them to discuss the situation, then decide whether to accept or deny the proposed request.
The next Blue Springs Board of Aldermen meeting will be held at 6 p.m. on June 5, 2012 at Blue Springs Town Hall. All are invited to attend.