Authorities arrest kidnap suspect’s mother, wife in Bain family disappearance

The wife and mother of a suspect wanted for the kidnapping of a Hardeman County, Tenn. mother and three daughters, have been arrested in connection with their disappearance, according to a court clerk.


Teresa Mayes, 30, and Mary Frances Mayes, 65, both of 1373 Highway 9 N., face charges of “especially aggravated kidnapping” in connection with the disappearance of Jo Ann, Adrienne, Alexandria and Kyliyah Bain of Hardeman County, Tenn.

The Memphis, Tenn. branch of the Federal Bureau of Investigation announced that the two bodies recovered from shallow graves behind the home of Adam Mayes, 35, were that of a missing woman, Jo Ann Bain, and her 14-year-old daughter, Adrienne Bain.
“The Shelby County medical examiner has positively identified the bodies recovered from behind the Mayes residence, as those of Jo Ann Bain and 14 year old Adrienne Bain,” FBI officials said in a statement released late Monday.
The release also said that Jo Ann Bain’s two other daughters, Alexandria, 12 and Kyliyah, 8, are believed to still be with Mayes.

According to the arrest warrants issued for the two women, Alpine Community resident  Adam Mayes, 35, and his wife, Teresa Mayes, worked together to take Bain and her daughters from their home in Tennessee to Mississippi, where Adam and Teresa share a home with his parents.

Teresa Mayes and her husband's mother, Mary Mayes, allegedly have confessed to police during interviews that on April 27, they witnessed Mayes digging holes in his mother's backyard, where the two bodies were later found.

Police said they believe that Bain and her daughters were confined on the Mayes property. At some point in their confinement JoAnn and Adrienne died and were buried on the property.

“It is believed that Adam Mayes removed or confined Jo Ann Bain and her 3 daughters…in a manner that substantially interfered with their liberty,” the warrant states. “Concerning Jo Ann Bain and Adrienne Bain, both victims suffered serious bodily injury as a result of their removal or confinement.”

Mary Mayes is charged with conspiracy to committ especially aggravated kidnapping, while Teresa is charged with committing especially aggravated kidnapping.

A New Albany Gazette reporter confirmed that Teresa Mayes, 30, of 1373 Highway 9 N. in Guntown and Mary Frances Mayes, 65, of the same address, were both taken into custody and placed in the Union County jail on Sunday and released in to Hardeman County, Tenn. sheriff’s department custody on Monday.
Neither women have been charged with any crime by Union County law enforcement.
Teresa Mayes’ sister, Bobbi Booth told reporters that her sister Booth said her sister told her she knew about the killings, but that Teresa Mayes may have been too scared to call the police.
 Agents with the Mississippi and Tennessee Bureau of Investigations released a statement Saturday that the two bodies were discovered while executing a search warrant in the area.
Authorities executed the search warrant while investigating the disappearance and possible abduction of a Hardeman County, Tenn. mother and her three children.
Jo Ann Bain, along with her daughters, Adrienne, Alexandria and Kyliyah, were last seen together on April 27 in their county of residence.
According to Associated Press reports, Mayes was a close friend of Jo Ann’s husband, Gary Mayes, and that the two were once married to sisters.
Allegedly, Mayes had been spending the night with the Bain family on April 26 to help them prepare for a move to Arizona.
Gary Bain told investigators that he woke up the next morning to discover Mayes, his wife and daughters, along with the family van, were gone.
At first, Gary Bain did not think anything of the children being gone because they were normally off to school by the time he awoke.  However, when he was unable to reach his wife by telephone at different periods throughout the day, he called the Hardeman County sheriff’s department.
A few days later, on April 30, Jo Ann Bain’s van was found abandoned in Hardeman County.
Union County Sheriff Jimmy Edwards said Monday that various law enforcement agencies will continue making their presence known in the Alpine Community and other parts of Union County until Mayes is located.
“We don’t know that Mayes is still in Union County and we don’t know that he isn’t,” Edwards said.  “We just want the people in the community to know that we will be here and will make sure that they are well protected.  We’ll be here until this thing is over.”
Meanwhile, the Union County School Board announced Monday night that an off-duty law enforcement officer will be stationed at East Union Attendance Center as an added step of protection for students and faculty until Mayes is captured or until the end of the school year.
Authorities have issued kidnapping warrants for Guntown resident Adam Mayes, who was last seen Tuesday, May 1 and is considered to be armed and extremely dangerous.
Mayes has brown hair and blue eyes, is six feet, three inches tall and weighs 175 pounds.
FBI officials have also released two aliases he may be using, Christopher Zachery Wylde or Paco Rodrigass.  The second alias was used for Mayes’ Facebook page.
Alexandria Bain has brown hair and hazel eyes, stands five feet tall and weighs 105 pounds. Kyliyah Bain has blonde hair and brown eyes, stands four feet tall and weighs 57 pounds.
It is possible that Mayes has already altered his appearance by modifying his hair and may also have cut and died the children’s hair.
Those who have information on Mayes or the two girls are asked to contact the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation at (800) TBI-FIND, the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation at (601) 987-1353 or local law enforcement.