County voters disenfranchised

Dear Editor:

The New Albany Board of Aldermen has done an end around on the voters of Union County. Unable to garner a majority of votes to approve the sale of liquor, the aldermen have chosen to disenfranchise the voters of the county.

Proponents of king liquor knew their only chance was to deprive the county  
from voting on this issue and hope that the more “liberal” city voters  would approve it.
 Feb. 7 Alderman (Jeff) Olson presented a resolution that petitioned the Mississippi Legislature to enact legislation to allow New Albany to hold a city-wide election regarding the sale of liquor in the city limits. After Olson moved the adoption of the resolution, it was seconded by Alderman (Scott) Dunnam. The swing vote was provided by Alderman (Tommie) Beasley; kudos to Aldermen (Johnny) Anderson and (Will) Tucker, who voted against the resolution.  The governor signed into law the ability of municipalities such as New Albany to vote on the issue independent of the county voters.
Olson states that he simply wanted the citizens of New Albany to “determine their fate.” Take that citizens of Union County. I am sure the aldermen want you to continue to patronize the businesses in New Albany. Even though you are deprived of the right to vote on a matter that will have implications for you and your family, they still want you to spend your hard earned dollars in our fair and friendly city.
This is one “end around” that I hope, instead of catching the opponents off guard and going for a touchdown, gets sacked in the backfield before it ever gains momentum.

The Rev. Rick Blythe
First Baptist Church, New Albany