Foreman thrives at Baylor

KyLynn Foreman has accomplished a lot over a two-year span as part of the Equestrian team at Baylor. The rising junior just finished an undefeated season competing in her discipline, but instead of taking the summer to relax, she is back at home, training and taking part in competitions.

“I have my own horse here in Mississippi, so during my time in college, I ride with trainers in Texas, and when I come home, I have trainers here so I can stay on top of my game and keep up my style points,” Foreman said.
“I like riding with a bunch of different trainers just because it helps me learn how to handle things in different situations. You never know what you’ll face in competition, and I want to be prepared from all aspects. They can give you perspectives on how to handle different things, and you can never know too much when you ride so many different horses.”
While she is competing as an individual this summer, it is the team aspect of the sport that she has made adjustments to at Baylor. With a large Equestrian team at the school, Foreman has been in stiff competition to maintain her first string status, allowing her to compete for the team.
“My freshman year we had 15 in my discipline, which is Western, where we take part in reigning, and we had 10 this year,” she explained. “A lot of our girls graduated, and it will be even less next year. It’s not always about who has the most experience, rather who can fill a horse out better and who has that eye-catching appeal when they ride. You have to have someone out there who the judge will remember. You really have to compete for a spot with so many others, and it can be taken the wrong way. It’s real cut throat, just like in any other sport.”
Baylor won the national championship in the English discipline, while the Western discipline competed in the national tournament, falling in the first round. Foreman competed as part of the first string, something she owes to the horse she drew that has now become her favorite.
“I was undefeated last year, so I did pretty well for myself. I got to travel to Oklahoma State and Kansas State and show there,” she said. “I really didn’t get to be a big part of the traveling team, but at home, Drake is my favorite horse. Nobody really likes him, but I love him. I won with him a couple of times. He’s the one who got me on the first string; he’s the horse that I drew, so I’ve always liked him.”
Outside of Equestrian, the rising junior is studying ecology and has become an active part of a program geared toward saving wolves in the northern United States.
“President Obama passed a law making it legal to hunt for wolves, and they’re becoming extinct, because they help take out the sick animals,” she said. “I really enjoy ecology, and I have a professor I enjoy who also runs a horse rescue, so I go out and help her a lot, too.”
Equestrian is not the only sport currently thriving at Baylor, as the women’s basketball team won the national championship last season, and the school also boasts the 2011 Heisman winner, Robert Griffin III.
“Baylor is awesome, and it’s come a long way this year with a Heisman Trophy winner and the women’s basketball team winning the national championship,” she said. “I’m friends with Brittney Griner, who I met as a freshman, so that’s really cool. The education is also phenomenal.”
Looking forward to next year, Foreman has high hopes for the team and hopes to bring in another national title.
“I would really like for us to win a Big XII championship, at least, and a national championship,” she said.
“You win one, so you have that expectation to win another, so it would be nice for the Western team to carry it all the way. We’ve had a really excellent English team, but our head coach is also a really good English rider, so she has recruited many excellent girls. I think we’re capable of building on what we’ve accomplished this year and compete for a title next year.”
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