Henderson takes over WU basketball

Tim Henderson has had a lot of influence in his pursuit with coaching. From playing for his father, Danny, at East Union to working as an assistant at Shannon, the former Urchin standout is prepared to make his return to Union County as the new boys’ coach at West Union.
“I’m excited; It’s a great opportunity for me,” Henderson said. “I hope I’m half of what I’ve experienced in my years of playing, and I’ve worked with some great coaches. If I can take what they’ve taught me and be half of the man my dad was, along with these other coaches, that’s what I’m going to try to emulate.”
Henderson credits not only his dad, but also Urchin baseball coach Chris Basil for his influence on him during high school.
“His influence on everything,” he said of his father. “It’s all I’ve ever known. He’s been there from the start, coaching me in junior high and high school.”
“I also had Chris Basil in baseball, and he’s another guy that just taught me about coaching, not just in baseball, but his lessons carried over into so many other areas. His ways of working and doing things are very similar to my dad’s, and they’ve both been known for being high-spirited at times. As a person, I hope to be as good as those two guys and be that role model for these kids like they are for the ones they’ve had.”
Henderson takes over the Eagles program, which won six games last season. Emphasizing work in the weight room as well as conditioning are his primary goals for the team’s summer workouts.
“We’re going to hit the weights hard, and conditioning is also a big thing,” he said. “We need to be able to stay up and down the floor, and I know we have a couple teams in this division that will do that, and we have to be able to keep up.”
“We’ll play a few games at Myrtle and Ingomar and get some scrimmages in. That’ll be the guys having fun and facing some other competition besides going against one another every day. That will give me a chance to evaluate where they’re at.”
Graduating from East Union in 1999, it has been a while since Henderson has witnessed the intensity of Union County basketball, but he is ready to be back in the hotbed, helping the Eagles become competitive.
“It’ll be interesting to be back here,” he said. “I haven’t seen an in-county game in years with that intensity and rivalry that everyone talks about.”
“Being out of Union County,  I’ve had people tell me when I tell them I’m from here, just about how big basketball is, so I’m excited to get back in and see that the love and war is still here like from when I played.”