Learning about volleyball

I had the chance to hang out at Memorial Gym earlier this week to check out the tryouts for the inaugural volleyball team at New Albany.
I reported last month about the large number of attendees at the first practice, and with school being out and vacations and such going on, the number was quite lower when I made it to the gym for the later session Tuesday morning.
Nonetheless, I can say that there were some great athletes out there, and even more impressive was how much they had improved within a few weeks.
I went from seeing the girls jokingly throwing the ball around to looking like they’ve played the sport for years, and that’s a credit to Coach LaShay Ashford in such a short amount of time.
I’m sure there will be many growing pains for the girls in the next school year, but from my short time at the gym, they seemed to be moving in the right direction. Also, New Albany will have some great competition in the area to help them learn, including the two-time defending champion, Lewisburg, as a division opponent.
For what it’s worth, I have my work cut out as well, as I’m trying to learn what I can before the fall so that I can accurately report what’s going on at the games.
My only work with volleyball was at Ole Miss, and all I did was run the scoreboard at one tournament, but thanks to some helpful online tools, I should halfway know what’s going on in time for the start of the season.
Bowling will also take off later in the fall, and while I did not make it for that tryout at Action Lanes, I did hear that it, too, had a good turnout.
With New Albany’s recent additions, comes more opportunities for the current athletes, and I’m sure we’ll see many new faces participating as well. Before too long, I’m sure we’ll start seeing great success in both sports at the school.