A heavy paper, bad … and good

Today is an extra-tiring one for our local mail carriers and for the independent contractors who take the Gazette around to single copy dealers and racks. That’s because the Gazette is extra heavy today. We’re sorry about that.

Well, not really. We’re actually happy that your paper contains the third edition of Explore. The glossy magazine again is 100 pages of things to see and do as well as places to eat and stay in New Albany and Union County.
Even though the magazine is targeted toward visitors (and new business and manufacturing prospects), we know from your response the first two years that you want your own updated copy. That’s why we include one in each copy of the Gazette.
But the principal distribution is through our local hotels, restaurants, welcome center, banks and other places tourists and newcomers frequent. And the record 64 advertisers who have invested in the annual tourism guide have copies, too. We encourage visitors to take a copy, so we print thousands of extras so we can replenish the supply for the next 12 months.
This year’s magazine features a cover photograph of the spray park at BNA Bank Park. The attraction is packed with children during the summer enjoying the only public water feature in the community.
We thought it also was fitting to feature the park in an accompanying story because the expanded park (now on both sides of Interstate 22 (U.S. 78) has its first event on the new tennis courts June 15. The courts are beautiful, as you will see on page 12 of the magazine.
We expanded the top things to see and do (page 17) to 10 this year, from nine, with the addition of the Tanglefoot Trail. The trail isn’t open yet, but it will be about the beginning of next year, five months before the next edition of Explore is published.
And we’ve included all our regular features, a story about the Union County Heritage Museum and another on William Faulkner, and the history of the author’s family and its connection to New Albany. A third focuses on the area’s musical heritage.
Also inside is an updated section on Famous People from New Albany (page 80) and Myths and Legends (page 88), as well as a revised list of places to get a quick lunch or a dinner meal.
We hope this year’s edition of Explore continues to meet your expectations. The news staff of the Gazette, led by Managing Editor David Johnson, worked hard updating the stories and photographs. Jill Smith of the Union County Heritage Museum and Vickie Duke of the New Albany Main Street Association also made significant contributions.
I would like to thank long-time friend Leah Daniels for her help with the magazine’s design, and colleagues at our company’s glossy printing plant in Columbia, Tenn., for their high quality press work.
During the past two years Explore Magazine has won state and national awards. We often are asked how we are able to have such a guide in New Albany while communities much larger than ours do not. The answer, of course, is because we have strong support from our readers, our public officials and our advertisers.
Let us know what you think of this third edition of Explore. All of us at your hometown newspaper are striving to serve you with quality and integrity.

T. Wayne Mitchell, publisher of the Gazette, can be reached by phone at 662-534-6321 or by e-mail at publisher@newalbanygazette.com.