Farmers’ Market Open

The changes this year in the annual farmers market represent an important step forward for our community.

Saturday, has been renamed the Biscuits and Jam Farmers’ Market and moved to a more prominent downtown spot on the vacant property between Fred’s and the Tallahatchie River Bridge.
In the past, the farmers’ market has been held on Wednesdays at the Union County Fairgrounds and on Saturdays on Court Street near the Union County Courthouse downtown.
It is on property owned by Mary Jennifer Russell, owner of Sugaree’s Bakery, who agreed to lease it to the city for a token amount.
This year’s market, which will be open from 7 a.m. to 10 a.m. each Saturday until sometime in August, will feature an expanded selection of products and seasonally grown food. It will sell locally grown product, processed farm goods, canned fruit and vegetables, home baked goods and local hand-made craft items.
Management of the market, including the handling of the fees and taxes, will be handled by Pat and Lisa James, both master gardeners with the Union County Master Gardeners.
Consolidating and expanding the market into one spot downtown is a good idea.
Stanley Wise, Mississippi State University extension agent, said that while the fairgrounds has served well in the past, “most successful farmers’ markets are located near downtowns.
The new location will be beneficial to the growers and to the city as well because it will bring more people downtown every Saturday. See you at the market.