Honoring our nation

Today on our nation’s birthday, we honor America.
We’re thankful for our democracy and for our government and the many services it provides to make our lives safer and better.

Here are some of the things our government does that come to mind on this Independence Day:
– Protects us from our enemies, both foreign and domestic.
– Keeps our air clear and our water safe to drink.
– Provides the money that makes most of our major highways possible.
– Assures us that we are paid a minimum wage for our labor.
– Regulates in many ways the factors that contribute to our personal safety, whether in the work place, or in our daily lives.
– Provides the safety net for our old age that we call Social Security.
– Protects the rights of all, even though they may be of a different color or come from a different culture than our own.
Sometimes we lose track of a lot of the positive things in this era of increased rancor, narrow thinking and polarization. Election years are the worst for a stream of seemingly endless vitriolic attacks on our government.
We’re not part of those attacks. We think more civility and positive thinking would be helpful. We have our nitpicks, like you do, but generally that is what they are. For the most part, we are proud of our nation and its government.
Happy birthday to us – one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.