Ellistown Breezes, July 13, 2012

When I finally dragged myself out of bed this morning, I was feeling a little “down in the mouth,” as the saying goes.  “Sing praises to the Lord” came to my mind, so I began to sing praises to God and, you know what, I begin to feel much, much better.  

Vacation Bible School has been in progress this week at our church.  At this writing, it is a little hard to determine the results.

I do want to add something I overlooked last week in our news.  Kimberly Powell sang our special music and her little four-year-old daughter stood beside her and sang with her.  Everyone couldn’t see Kylee, but I was close enough to the front to not only see her but I could also hear her.  It was such a sweet picture to witness and something Kylee will long remember.  Both of them did an excellent song.

I am sure I speak for our entire congregation in thanking those who sing in our choir and perform special music for our enjoyment.  Also, a special thanks to volunteers who type, print, and fold our bulletins each week.

Aileene Roberts sang the special music last Sunday at our early morning service, and she also found time to do our bulletins. Thanks, Aileene.  Dexter Griggs led our choir in a special, and then sang the special number at the second service. Thanks to you, as well.

Please call me if you have news.   We would enjoy knowing how you spent your vacation.