Honoring Vietnam vets

The New Albany High School graduating class of 1960 has decided to honor Vietnam veterans who are either from Union County or now live in the county.

The class is using its “NAHS 1960 Class Remembers” Fund to sponsor a fish fry at 5:30 p.m. Thursday in downtown New Albany’s Cooper Park. Only Vietnam veterans are invited to attend; it is not a family event.
Michael Hale, chairman of the event, said the group wanted to honor Vietnam veterans because “this was not a popular war, yet many Union County men (or boys at the time) answered the call and put their lives in harm’s way to support our country’s position.”
Hale said when they returned “they were mostly ignored and certainly not honored for putting their lives on the lines. To our knowledge they have never had a chance to come together as a group and share ‘line of fire’ memories. Nor have they ever been recognized as a group from Union County.”
The group representing the 1960 graduating class also is trying to develop a list of all Vietnam veterans who are originally from Union County or live in Union County.
This is a worthwhile and unusual undertaking for a high school graduating class.
We commend the group and all who have had a part and putting this event together.