Playhouse, July 17, 2012

The Playhouse


It's Monday! No, I refuse to call it blue Monday, but its edges have hints of gray instead of golden gleams.

I know the reason. The weekend was full of singing, music, family, friends, and desserts! The summer showers didn't keep us from grilling, and Othel made certain the Blue Bell supply never ran low.

Mrs. Anding, the great grandmother, met her great grandson, James Wesley, for the first time. Such moments are rare and always reflect the continued blessings of the Father. I was grateful to be a part of that special time, but like all sand through the hour glass, that special event joined the memory category on this Monday morning.

My “to do” list taps me on the shoulder, and I want to spray it with an insect repellent, but that's never a solution. I've learned that “to do” lists never go away until they're checked off and labeled “done.” It's reality – the items I had postponed until after our “fun” weekend are lined up in their Monday morning row waiting with stubborn resolve.

The repair kit for my dragging Monday morning is already in my mind. It just needs the switch flipped to a reprogram mode. I need to have a grateful heart that God gave music and blessed CandyLee with a double portion. I must be grateful for life and for being included in a family that loves one another. Instead of mully-grubbing, I'll thank God for friends and family who braved the summer rains to help make our weekend concert so special. I'll rejoice that I woke in my bed instead of a hospital room and am able to carry out Monday jobs. I'll thank God for a mind that's able to catalog memories and retrieve them without difficulty. I'll reflect on the fact that only God knows how many more earthly Mondays I'll awake to so it's imperative I live this one with a grateful heart for an earthly life and an eternal one. I'll show my “to do” list to God and ask Him for wisdom and strength to make it a “done” list. I'll rejoice that on this Monday morning there were cookie crumbs under the table, Grover on the deck chair, finger prints on the coffee table, wet towels on the washer, popsicle stickies on the kitchen floor, and enough Blue Bell to last Othel through the week.

With a reprogrammed mind that will please the Father, a Monday morning going south can make a u-turn and head for the heights!