Call Log, July 20, 2012

July 9

E. Bankhead St.: Caller advised her boyfriend hit her.

CR 54: Report of a couple of subjects fighting.

E. St. Hwy 78: Report of a one car 10-50.

CR 89: Caller wants to speak to an officer about events that have happened. 

McDonalds: Two car 10-50 with no injuries.

E. Bankhead St.: Caller reported her handicapped son is going up the road.

North St.: Someone is shooting bottle rockets in the area.

CR 185: Lady said her daughter is causing a disturbance.

McDonalds: Fight in the parking lot.

Hwy 78 WB M/M 63: Caller advised blue Nissan all over the road. Caller advised turned left off of exit 60 going west on Highway 30.

CR 2: Son causing a disturbance.

Garfield St.: Having trouble with a neighbor.

CR 278: Kids throwing rocks off of the bridge.

CR 86: Caller advised subjects on ATVs sitting around the church.

July 10

Fairview St.: Caller advised two subjects claiming to be bounty hunters came into his house with a firearm.

BNA Bank Park: Graffiti in the bathrooms.

CR 360: Lady has a horse in her yard.

Carr’s Express/Hwy 15: Lady wants to see an officer.

CR 185: Has lady on her property that is not supposed to be there.

CR 278: Lady calling about two white males and a white female throwing rocks at cars.

CR 101: Subject is threatening to kill individual. Subject has pulled up in his driveway.

Graceland: Subject is out there causing a disturbance.

Resthaven: Caller advised male subject is 1056 causing a disturbance.

CR 86: Caller advised blue Chevy driving reckless.

Martintown Rd.: Caller advised 10-50 on Martintown Rd.

N. Broad St.: Caller advised subject in new silver Honda stalking female subject at his house. Caller advised he was going to shoot car if it came back.

CR 209: Caller advised her daughter’s ex-boyfriend is making threats and showed up at her house tonight. Caller advised neighbors called them and advised they saw a male subject run into the woods.

Hwy 9 N.: Tree in the road.

July 11

Hwy 78 M/M 63: Silver car all over the road.

Glenfield: 10-58 vehicle at red light. Traffic is backed up according to the caller.

CR 203: Pontotoc County advised Union County that the bolo that was put out early might be in out county and need a deputy to check at this residence for this vehicle. Red Dodge pick up with scrap on the back. 

CR 47: Caller advise that a white male in a red jeep broke into his home and stole some items from the residence. Tried to hold him there, but was unable to. He got his guns back from the subject. Wants a deputy.

CR 115: ADT alarm advised alarm going off in the living room.

CR 68: Caller advised someone broke the window out of his vehicle. Needs a deputy to take a report.

Hospital Pharmacy: Wants to speak with an officer.

CR 47: Black Tahoe has dog chained behind the vehicle and dragging it.

State Hwy 348: Caller advised he thinks some items were taken from his residence. Found some broken items, also. Needs to speak with deputy.

CR 174: Caller advised wanted to see an officer about some things taken from his house.

Twin Creeks: Caller advised subject causing a disturbance.

July 12

Hwy 370 E.: Caller advised house was broken into.

Hwy 78 W.: Caller advised white 18-wheeler all over the road.

Garfield St.: Neighbor accused her of taking something off of the porch. A disposable fire detector. All the caller did was pick up the bird feeder. Now, every time the caller goes outside, the neighbor blows an air horn.

Morgan Dr.: Green car playing loud music.

 Hwy 78 W.: Caller advised manager wants deputy to remove subject from property.