Crack down on speeding

School starts next Tuesday in both New Albany and Union County and it’s time for all of us to slow down and pay closer attention while driving.

We see drivers speeding through residential areas (and even school zones) at 35 to 45 miles per hour, often while talking on cell phones. That is too fast in residential areas at any time of year, but becomes especially problematic during the school year.
Speeding also is a problem on roads bordering our Union County Schools. It’s not as much an issue in the immediate vicinity of the New Albany elementary and middle schools because of their location.
New Albany High School is a different matter. Last year’s dangerous construction zone on Highway 15 has been turned into this year’s raceway. Drivers seem to be paying little attention to posted speed limits on the five-lane highway. A strong speed enforcement program is needed to get everyone slowed down before we have a tragedy on the new road.
We will have lots of teenage drivers – many driving to school for the first time –on the road near the high school. We all need to do our part to help prevent accidents.
At this time of year, we also need a reminder about stopped school buses. It is unlawful to pass a stopped school bus from either direction while the bus has its red lights flashing.
This is a particular problem in rural areas where children often have to cross a busy highway after getting off the bus.
All of us have a role in making sure our children have a safe year on their way to and from school.