Ellistown Breezes, July 27, 2012



We are still enjoying this summer weather in Mississippi, aren’t we?  We have been blessed with rain in this area, and should remember to give thanks for the same.

A couple of years ago Lynn and Cathy Walker had an exchange student live with them.  Her name is Nathalie Threlemins, who is from Belgium.  Their daughter Erin is leaving August 18 to go to South Korea to teach in Gwant-Ju, which is about the size of Union County, and has four million people living there.  Best wishes to Erin.

Ron and Alecia Terrles’ great-grandson joined the National Guard and just landed a few days ago in Afghanistan.

Frances Wigington told me she had gotten a good report from her doctor.  She was also telling me what sweet great-grandchildren she has; Hunter and Lucas Wigington had cut her grass for her.

Frances also told me Ronald Lyons has lung cancer.  I know he and Lynda would appreciate your prayers. 

Happy Birthday to Norma Faye Robertson Bolander on July 30, who will be a big 65.  She and husband, Wiley, have already retired and are enjoying their grandchildren.

Also, a Happy Birthday to Pat Tanev and Elizabeth Reeder, Friday, August 3, and to Megan Reeder Saturday, August 4.

The Sunshine Band (our senior adults) plan to meet this Thursday at the church and to have lunch at Cracker Barrel.

Heather Roberts sang our special music last Sunday and did a beautiful job.

Next week we get to witness another baptism of one of our young people, Lauren Jane Moore. Praise the Lord for the young people coming to the Lord.

Let us remember to pray for each other.