Cornersville-Blythe News, August 1, 2012

By Martha Hardy


Greetings from our corner of the world.  All is well on Hardy Hill; we're just looking forward to that cold front the weatherman has been telling us is coming.  By the time this hits the news it will be August and, as we know, the weather will begin to cool down soon after.

I have another reason to welcome the month of August: it's the month school starts.  As much

as I love my son I also enjoy the tranquil, peaceful, quiet days of fall.

Cornersville had another burial this week, as former resident Wayne Greer passed away on

July 24.  Services were Friday July 27, at United Funeral Home in New Albany with interment

at Cornersville Cemetary.  He was a member of Cornersville Baptist Church and had lived in the

community when he was young.  Our condolences to the family.

I spoke with Annie McCallen this week and she tells me that Ebenezer Methodist Church has a new pastor: Dr. Eugene Stockstill.  The church held their annual homecoming last Sunday.

Annie also tells me that Dr. Jennifer Lowery, who is a eneral Practitioner, is doing really

well in her new practice.  She is in her office 7-5, Monday through Thursday, and 7-12 on Friday.

The youth from Salem Baptist Church had a great time last week at Geyser Falls Water

Park in Chocktaw.

Nellie Dawson recently enjoyed a visit from our sister-in-law, Cora Castleberry, along with Cora's

sister, Sally Anne Blount, from Banner.  They brought Nellie some vegetables from their garden.

Other recent vsitors in Nellie's home were our friend from our youth, Mary Mansel Nails, who lives

in Memphis, Tenn.  I went over to visit with them and Mary had brought some snapshots from our

school days.  We've been enjoying looking at them and taking a trip down memory lane.

Brandon Crane tells me of a trip he had earlier this summer.  He went with a group of West

Union Attendance Center students to a Cross Country Runners camp at Brevard, N.C.

They not only ran but attended meetings with many athletes and received helpful information.

The camp was located in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, and the trails were sometimes

a challenge, as they were steep and in dense forests.  However, the many streams and

waterfalls afforded the runners some relief.

One waterfall in particular sloped down into a pool and made for a fun waterslide, even though in the

early morning it was freezing cold.

On the last day of the trip they ran to the top of a 900-foot bluff.  The view from there was spectacular.  He says the experience was great fun and he is looking forward to doing it again next year.

Happy belated birthday to Henry Jarrett and Jim Castleberry.  Henry's was July 23, and Jim's on July 22  For my own safety will not reveal their ags.

 Now here is a quote for you from Helen Steiner Rice: “If we send no ships out, no ships will come in,   and unless there is a contest nobody can win, for games cannot be won unless they are played and prayers cannot be answered unless they are prayed.”