Ellistown Breezes, August 3, 2012

First, let me tell you what I didn’t tell you last week.  When I told you about Nathalie, the Belgian exchange student, staying with Lynn and Cathy Walker, I meant to tell you that she was then visiting them.  I apologize for the omission.

I had the nicest phone call from my sister Katie last week.  She said they had meant to surprise me but thought perhaps they should call before coming over on my birthday.  They knew I would be 80 on my birthday, August 2, and she and her daughters, Norma Faye Bolander, Patricia and husband Wayne Tanev, are coming over to help me celebrate.  That helps ease the pain of growing older but, hey, I am very thankful the Lord has let me live to celebrate 80.   I always  thought it was neat that I was born on my late mother’s birthday.  Norma Faye’s birthday was last Monday, July 30, and Patricia’s is August 3, so we will celebrate three birthdays in one.  Norma Faye turned the big 65 and Tricia will be 62.

Also happy birthday to Elizabeth Reeder on August 3, and to her sister Megan Reeder on August 4; to Carolyn Griggs, their grandmother and our church organist, on August 5; and to Page Elizabeth Bolander, Norma Faye’s grandchild in Alabama, also on August 5, who will be a big nine.  One more this week is Amy Randle Snyder whose birthday is August 6.  I don’t think she minds that people know she's a healthy 35.  May you all have many more happy birthdays.

Our young people were scheduled to leave last Wednesday at 10:30 a.m. going to the Smokey Mountains on a well deserved trip.  They were joined by our pastor and his wife, and our youth director and his wife, and I imagine anyone else they would accept.  When you mention going to the Smokey Mountains in the summertime, you don’t have any problem getting a group, especially during the extra hot weather we are enjoying.  They always have a wonderful time of Christian fellowship.