Blue Springs planning

The Town of Blue Springs has a big task ahead in preparing for development expected in the area because of the new Toyota manufacturing plant.

An urban planning consultant told the Board of Aldermen this week that it is important to move ahead on planning, zoning and building codes.
Mike Slaughter of the Oxford-based Slaughter and Associates, said three things need to be done soon:  Appoint a planning commission, adopt the international building code and consider property maintenance codes.
We agree with Slaughter’s thoughts. Blue Springs, with its recent annexation, has grown significantly in both size and population.
The board has taken the right first step in beginning a search for candidates for a planning commission.
It is important to prevent willy-nilly unplanned and unregulated development near the plant that would result in the area becoming an eyesore. Problems created by such development are expensive to fix after they occur.
We know that it seems like a lot to accomplish in a short time in a town the size of Blue Springs, but it is important to the town’s future to make the right choices now.
The same can be said for the Union County Board of Supervisors. Strong zoning and land use regulations need to be put in place in the county, too.