Cornersville-Blythe News, August 8, 2012

A very cheery greeting to all my friends, neighbors, and readers.  We’re thankful we’ve been getting enough rain in our neighborhood to help with the plants, as well as for the cooling, however brief, that follows.

Visitors in our home this week were Mike and Phillip Lemons from Potts Camp, and my son, Norm Hardy from Southaven, who came, on his motorcycle as Tina and Mckenzie had other plans.  We enjoyed their visits.

Death has touched the lives of a couple of families in the Blythe Community, as this week Sarah Byers and Buddy Scott lost their sister, Carolyn Scott Vick, who lived in Oak Harbor, Wash. Our condolences to the families.

Lynn Cook and Barb Trevilli Bowen have been enjoying a visit from their mother, Barbara Trevell, from Colorado.

Carolyn Scott entertained a large group of friends and relatives for dinner last week in honor of her nephew, Johnathon Mansel, and his wife, Amanda, and their children.  He is on leave from the Air Force and is preparing to go to Spain for a five-year stay there.  Those attending were his sister, Brittney Mansel; John Scott and his wife, Katherine, and their children, Cara, Rhodes, and Anna; Sarah Bond and her grandchildren from Memphis; Josh and Sally Inmon; Dwight Scott; and sister, Loy Scott.

Carolyn’s grandson, Rhodes Scott, from Oxford, recently ran in a 5K race for children and he won.  Congratulations to you, Rhodes.

Roger Crane and his son, Brandon, have returned safely from another spelunking trip.  They explored a cave, the Talucal, near Huntsville, Ala.

Brandon tells me this was absolutely the muddiest, most slippery cave they’ve been in thus far.  Most of the cave required them to stoop, walk, and crawl in mud near a stream passage.  

He tells me he may have possibly discovered a new cave as he explored an area not on the current map.

Two hours after exiting the cave a sudden downpour dropped two inches of rain within 30 minutes.

The Highway U.S. 72 had from two to six inches of rain in some areas.  Had Roger and Brandon still been in the cave, this would have resulted in them being stranded or possibly drowned.  Brandon states how wonderful are the ways of our Lord.

Leslie Lewis has been a busy young lady this summer – putting up and canning jellies, jams and all kinds of goodies.  She has also celebrated the birthdays of family members: her mother in-law on July 20 and her daughter, Jacee, who was nine on Aug 2. Leslie’s mom, Barbara, came up for the birthday celebration and spent the weekend with them.

Get well wishes to Betty Smith, who is recovering from surgery.

Our friends and neighbors David and Betty Greer and son, David Jr., enjoyed a Hollingsworth  family reunion at the Becker Community center near Amory.

David Jr’s wife, Amy, and children, Dave, Mary, and Hannah, were unable to accompany them as they had previously committed to attend a sports camp.

Betty taught school at West Union for many years, but after retirement has been working in the family business, Greer and Greer Equiptment, in New Albany.

One of Betty’s brothers is a Methodist pastor who lives in Tupelo and the other one is the president of Piedmont College in Georgia.

I leave you with this thought from Italian Giovianni Gravina: “A Bore is one who deprives you of solitude without providing you with company.”