Ellistown Breezes, August 10, 2012

Those yellow school buses are rolling again, telling us fall is near.  What a joyful welcome after a  terribly hot spring and summer.  If you have been shopping lately you know school is about to begin because of the many, many people shopping for school clothes. 

I had a wonderful 80th birthday last Thursday.  My sister, Katie, and her two daughters, plus Patricia’s husband, came from Arab and Decatur, Ala., and Fayetteville, Tenn., and spent the day with me.  They brought barbeque for lunch, plus Patricia had made me a beautiful coconut cake and some of her homemade vegetable soup and peanut butter cookies.  The vegetables in the soup were from her and Wayne’s garden in Arab. I really wanted to cry because Patricia has been fighting multiple sclerosis for 30 years and she now has to move around with the help of a cane, but she is not about to stop fighting.  Katie tells me she stays busy at something all the time and even sews baby quilts for one of the hospitals in Birmingham, Ala.

Katie gave me a new air-conditioner (both heater and cooler) and brought some of her yummy banana nut bread, hummingbird feeder and food, and the barbeque.  She called yesterday and I was able to tell her the birds had already consumed half of the food. Isn’t it nice to have a big sister to love you?  Mother won this one.  She always wanted us to grow up like sisters and I believe we have made it in our old age.  Norma Faye brought a cedar bluebird house which she and Wayne placed on a tree in the yard. I see bluebirds occasionally and love to watch them, as well as other birds.  

I also received calls from two of my dear friends, one from Cleveland, Ohio, and the other from  Scottsdale, Ariz.  I also received cards and calls from local friends and want them to know I appreciate everything they have done.

Buddy and Cindy called to wish me happy birthday and he has worked his back-side off trying to keep this old house running, and he and Patsy informed me they were paying off the last of the appliances that had to be replaced this year.  Had I been born rich, I wouldn’t have experienced half the blessing I have received lately.  And, when God tells you he will take care of you, believe Him.

Patsy came down Saturday and she, Hugh, Cristie, Maggie, Merrill, and I had lunch at Cracker Barrel.  Patsy bought lunch and also brought a bag of goodies for me.  Merrill gave me a loaf of her delicious zucchini bread and it is delicious.

Patsy’s family headed to Florida this Tuesday morning.  They all love the sun and beach, and the shopping centers.  Arkansas schools don’t start until a couple of weeks after ours here in Union County.

I saw an old friend last week at the gas pump: Jimmy Little.  We saw quite a lot of him when Bill and I were first married and I haven’t seen him in a while.  Since he saw me last my hair has gone gray, I have more wrinkles, there is more of me, and, don’t you just love the expression on someone’s face when they come face to face with reality. At first I thought he was going to get sick, then I though perhaps he was going to say he was sorry for the change.  Just kidding, Jimmy.  I am very aware of the difference and I have to face it every day.  It was good to see you again.

Happy birthday to Brian Randle, whose birthday is Monday, August 13, and happy anniversary to Doug and JoAnn McCraw on Friday, August 17.

Remember I told you last week that our youth had gone on a trip to the Smokey Mountains?  All was well until they started home and the church bus broke down twice. Sunday morning they told the congregation that another bus had gone after them and I am sure there will be some “Tall Tales Over Coffee” after that one.  In our pastor’s absence, Don McCutchen brought a wonderful message.  It was good to meet him and his wife and have them with us.

Newly elected deacons are Larry Coker, Sid Priest, and Marty Roberts.

 Sarah Grubbs visited with Lillian Bell last week and said Lillian is sharp as ever at 104 years old.  Congratulations!