Tanglefoot Trail continues to be closed to the public

During the month of Jan. 2012, Glasgow Construction began construction of a Rails-To-Trails project known as the Tanglefoot Trail. The project is located in the three North Mississippi counties of Union, Pontotoc and Chickasaw. The Trail begins at Main Street in New Albany, MS and runs approximately 45 miles south to its end at Church Street in Houston, MS.

If all goes according to schedule, the Trail should be complete and open for public use in late spring or early summer of 2013. Until the project is complete, the Trail remains closed to public use or access of any type.

Betsey Hamilton, Chairperson for the GM&O Rails to Trails District Board of Directors commented, “The District is pleased that the project is now under construction. However, until the project is complete and opened for public use in mid-2013, the Trail remains posted against all public use or access. While the project is under construction the full 45 mile Trail will remain under the jurisdiction of the contractor, Glasgow Construction. As with any developing project, there are many hazards that could cause injury to both persons and/or property while construction is in progress.  For that reason, we ask the citizens to please stay off the Tanglefoot Trail.” 

In accordance with Mississippi law (Code Section 55-25-6) any unauthorized person utilizing or accessing the Trail will be subject to being arrested and charged with trespassing. The trespassing charge can carry up to a $500 fine and/or thirty (30) days imprisonment. 

In 2008, the District published a notice in local newspapers informing the public that the entire 45 mile Trail corridor was closed to all public use or access. The trail will continue to be posted until such time that the District notifies the public otherwise.

  Law enforcement officials in Union, Pontotoc and Chickasaw counties are authorized to charge unauthorized persons for trespassing and violation of the rules and regulations adopted by the board of directors in 2008.