Union County Call Log, August 10, 2012

July 23

Glenwood Street: Lady said her five-year-old-son is missing.

CR 378: Caller said that his dad was trying to beat up his mother.

Wal-Mart: Report of a white van in front of the pharmacy department; handicapped individual inside vehicle and vehicle is locked.

Highway 30 East: No tag.

Carlisle Street: Subject wants to speak to an officer.

S ST Highway 9:Report of a kid riding his bike in middle of highway.

South Central Ave: Request to talk to an officer in reference to her 15-year-old daughter.

Highway 15 South:Request to talk to an officer about running a tag on a trailer.

CR 180: Caller advised someone has been on his property shooting a gun.

Wilston Street: Somebody walking around the community center.  

CR 172: Advised dog need to be seen behind house that had burned.

CR 278: Has 12-15-year-old male that has come to residence and has been in disturbance with step father.

David St: Small SUV sitting at street; request officer to check vehicle.

July 24

Oak Street: Burglar alarm.

Highway 15 North: Burglar alarm, side door.

CR 478: Man said someone stole his pants.

Highway 349: Man at residence to pick up daughter, says he won’t leave until he gets her.  Caller advised that they have been to court over this and subject has no right to be there.

CR 86: Caller advised white car parked on her land.

Bratton Road: Caller advised he was wanting to get his belongings.  

CR 339: Caller advised his father-in-law had hit him.

Highway 78: Abandoned vehicle in front of Lowe’s.

Highway 15 South: Caller heard gunshots near his apartment.

CR 278: Reqested a wellfare check. 

Highway 15 North: Reference to disturbance that happened on Oak Street.  

July 25

Highway 78 East: Town and Country black van was stopped by black car, they exchanged something and sped off, was on ramp and did transaction.

Jackson/Cleveland: Jackson and Cleveland 18-wheeler tore down lines about five blocks down.

East Man Street: Kitchen door hallway motion.

CR 26: Lady requested an officer.  She has a 16-year-old that is giving her trouble.  

Highway 30 East: Alarm call.

CR 54: Maroon truck long ways in the road, rear end is in a ditch on New Albany end of CR 54.

Wal-Mart: Child alone in car on row 2.

Glade Street: Caller into it with boyfriend; he took her keys.  Caller’s mother said she has been drinking.

CR 51: Couple is married, male wants belongings and to leave.

Wal-Mart: Caller advised a subject had hit her car at Wal-Mart parking lot, row 3.  No injuries.

CR 2: Caller advised male subject pshed her, wanted to see an officer.

Highway 78E: Caller advised one-car accident.

Martintown Road: Caller advised a tree in the road.

CR 68: Caller advised subjects possibly prowling around his neighbor’s house.

CR 82: Caller advised someone broke into his house and he has stuff missing.

Rest Haven Trail: Caller advised a car spinning gravel and subjects causing a disturbance.

July 26

Highway 348: Caller advised horses in the road.

Short Summer Street: Caller advised he heard a gunshot.

CR 195: Caller advised subject is acting very strange and needs and officer to come and check it out.  He’s walking back and forth from the Union County to Lee County line.  

Substation/Highway 348: White explorer parked in drive since Tuesday.

CR 7: Abandoned black/brown coon dog.

CR 73: Someone’s dropping off dogs.

West Bankhead Street: Caller advised a group of ladies keep coming to her job harrassing her, and she wants to speak to an officer.

River Bridge: Report of an accident.  

Hickory Drive: Caller advised elderly lady fallen and needs assistance in getting up.

North Glenfield Drive: Delta Security called in alarm at residence.

Highway 15 South: Cable company needing to replace a cable across Highway 15, wanted an officer for traffic.

Highway 9 North: Caller advised someone had took money from her trailer and wants to speak with officer.

Highway 78: Caller advised a two-car accident on the Toyota exit ramp.  No injuries, road not blocked.

CR 14: Caller advised 12-year-old subject trying to run away from home.

CR 185: Caller advised subject will not leave him alone, wants to speak with an officer.

CR 51: Caller advised two subjects on the property that are not supposed to be there.

Fairview Apartments: Caller advised a white Grand Am is playing loud music.

Highway 9 South: Caller advised his lawnmower and trailer have been stolen.

Highway 178: Caller advised there is a car broke down in the road.

Honeysuckle Drive: Burglary alarm.

CR 16: Caller advised someone walking on the bridge by her house, wanted and officer to ride through and check them out. 

July 27

Clark Street: Caller advised she needs to get some personal belongings.

Highway 15 S: Caller advised 18-wheeler does not have any trailer lights.

CR 197: Animal call.

Denmill Road: Entry alarm.

Highway 15 S: Carport alarm.

BMH ER: Called asking if we’d had a report of an accident on Highway 15 at bypass.  ER had a female subject saying she had been ejected in an accident on Highway 15 at the bypass.

CR 214: Report of a one-vehicle accident on Camp Armstrong Road at the church end.  Vehicle is broken down in a gulley.

CR 120: Caller advised subjects fighting.

CR 120: Caller advised male subject causing a disturbance.

July 28

CR 75: Caller advised someone beating on side of the house.  Caller advised her husband had gone outside, shot a gun in the air and saw a subject run.

CR 183: Caller advised female subject trying to get vehicle.

Dogwood Plantation: 90-year-old lady left building