Help find missing dog

Dear Editor:
My 9-year-old grandson, Zach, went to school in tears this morning. It appears that someone took his dog, Cujo, last night when he was let out of the house for a few minutes.

Cujo is a white Pomeranian with a touch of tan on his ear and a small spot on his back.
When they went out to call him in, a suspicious car parked in the Etta Post Office parking lot across the road from where Zach lives took off in a hurry with one door still open.
If you should see Cujo, please call 662-871-0189.
This was a little boy’s pet. It is a sad day that we live in with so much going on around us. Our children experience enough heartache through peer pressure, broken homes, the drug situation, etc.
We are a Christian family and we have seen God work in our lives in strange and mysterious ways. Nothing is impossible with our God.
Who knows; Zach may see Cujo again.

Dorothy Howell
Potts Camp