Aldermen OK specialty beer in NA

In a recent 3-2 vote, the New Albany Board of Aldermen voted to change its rules on the types of beer that may be sold within the city limits.

Alderman At-Large Scott Dunnam, Ward One Alderman Jeff Olson and Ward Three Alderman Tommie Beasley voted to change the limit on the amount of alcohol in beer sold here from five percent to eight percent.

“The state changed its definition of beer under the new law and we need to change our ordinances allowing and regulating the sale and consumption of beer and light wine to reflect that,” City Attorney Reagan Russell told the board.

The Mississippi Legislature approved a bill to raise the alcohol by weight in beer to 8 percent, which allows for the sale of a greater selection of craft and imported beers throughout municipalities that are considered wet.

Governor Phil Bryant soon after signed the bill into law, which went into effect on July 1.

 Ward Four Alderman Will Tucker voted against the change and Ward Two Alderman Johnny Anderson abstained from voting on the measure.