Cornersville-Blythe News, August 22, 2012

By Martha Hardy


Greetings from our corner of the world. We are still needing a good rain over in our area, but are thankful for the showers we are receiving on a regular basis.  

We had a visiting pastor at our church on Sunday because our pastor, Randy Bynum, was the guest speaker at our neighbor church Macedonia Baptist. This was very fitting as Macedonia was the church he attended when growing up.

I would like to send a belated birthday wish to my neighbor, Davie Kennedy, whose birthday was on Aug. 18. We will just say age is mature.

Another wish also goes out to my granddaughter ,Mckenzie Hardy, who turned ten years old on Aug. 15. Mckenzie is the daughter of Norman and Tina Hardy of Southaven and they celebrated

their 11th anniversary on the 14th.

I was saddened to hear of the death of Ms. Mary Frances Barber. She was a wonderful person and I am certain she will be greatly missed.

Shortly after I began to attempt to write the area news, I received a telephone call one day from Ms. Barber asking if I were the mother of Norman Hardy. She told me that she had him in her classroom when he was in second grade. She related some incidents he and his good buddy John Scott were involved in the year she taught them. She remembered that my son had brought her some mint from my yard. Of course I did remember her and the next day I baked her a pineapple cake.

I also promised that when Norman visited me again we would come see her. We did as promised and spent a couple of interesting as well as educational hours in her home. She told us that this was the home in which she was born in and that this was the home that her grandfather Collins had at around 1900. There was a post office in the home. She still had some of the equipment he used.

An earlier ancestor had bought the vast Collins farm from the Native Americans. Ms. Barber certainly was a unique individual and I send heartfelt condolence to the families.

Get well wishes to my friend Iris Boatner who has been having a difficult time with a shoulder and rotator cuff problem. She is going to Tupelo several times each week for therapy. We have been missing her at church.

We have met our new neighbor, Stephanie Whaley, under less than pleasant circumstances due to an accident causing damage to her car. We shall refrain from the details by just saying it was unfortunately caused by the carelessness of my son, Austin, on my 4-wheeler. Enough said.

We are just so very thankful to God that no one was hurt and that it was a lesson well learned, even though an expensive one. Our neighbor is a nice person who is understanding. Thank you for your kindness, Stephanie.

Since I am late getting this in to editors, I must go for now but I will leave you with this thought I read recently. It is from President Herbert Hoover. It reads, “About the time we can make ends meet, somebody moves the ends.”

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