Ellistown Breezes, August 17, 2012

Such a welcome break from the hot and humid weather we have been having.

Mary Evelyn McDonald Gentry of Blue Springs had a very nice surprise birthday party last Sunday afternoon.  She was taken by family members to Gentry’s Store where a room filled with family and friends awaited her.  When she entered the room and was greeted the surprise, she said her heart almost stopped.  She got weak in her knees, but was so pleased with the party.  I had received a call from her grandson, Jackie, Saturday afternoon, who invited me to the party and I had planned to be there.  When I returned home from church Sunday morning my front door lock jammed and made me miss the party.  She and I were good friends in the old Ellistown Grammar School.  However, upon graduation she attended Sherman High School and I went to Center High School. Monday I called her and we had a good chat and plan on getting together soon.  We may have seen each other briefly since April 1945. 

Speaking of birthdays, my youngest step-granddaughter, Margaret Yvonne “Mar-g” McCraw Windham will be 42 Monday, August 20.  Seems only yesterday she had her Barbie dolls lined up with small pieces of paper in her hands teaching them.  She and her husband Greg have four healthy children – two girls and two boys – but also suffered the loss of twin boys when she was five months pregnant.  May you have a happy birthday.

Also, next Friday, August 24, Marty Roberts and Dexter Griggs have birthdays. May you both have happy birthdays.

Bobbie Rorie called to tell me Donald Hall was recently placed in a nursing home in Kosciusko.  Many of us went to school with him at the Ellistwon Grammar School.

Bobbie also told me Sam Hall, son of the late Mary Kate Hall, who has been in the nursing home near Jackson, lost his wife shortly after his mother, then just a short time later one of his three daughters.  Sam is not in very good shape and she said they have not even told him about his daughter.  One of his daughters is caring for him in the nursing home and the other lives out of town.  I know their families would appreciate your prayers.

Our church has been busy making out committees for the next church year which, starts September 1.  I am delighted that Brenda Powell will be teaching our class among perhaps others.

I want to pass on a compliment I heard about Kerry Coker teaching last week. My step-granddaughter in-law, Cristie McCraw, heard him for the first time and commented to me “I had no idea Kerry could teach like he did, he always seems so quiet.  I really enjoyed the lesson.” I believe in passing on compliments.

It is also a good time to request your prayers for Cristie as she is experiencing sudden drops in blood pressure, among other problems.  Her doctors are still running tests.

Our pastor preached what I thought was an exceptionally good thought provoking message last Sunday.  We invite you to come join us in worship next Sunday at 8:30 a.m., Sunday school at 9:30 a.m., and the second worship service at 10:30 a.m.