Norton named ‘Huddle House Hero’ for community service

While not originally from Union County, Vivian Norton has become one of it heroes for her desire to help the community.

Norton, formerly manager of the New Albany Huddle House branch and recently promoted district manager, was recently named “Huddle House Hero” for her desire to help the local community.

While Norton knew she had been a recipient of the award for 2012, she only learned the true reason behind her nomination.  She had been told that she was receiving the honor for leading the New Albany store to raise the most donations, over $5,000 for St. Jude Children’s Hospital in 2010 and the second most, over $4,000, in 2011.

When franchise owner Mark Little presented her with a certificate, a plaque and a $250 check during his recent visit, however, he said there was more to the story.

“It is true that the amount of money that the local store raised for St. Jude had something to do with it,” Little said.  “But, more than that, our home office received a letter back in May from a regular customer of the New Albany store whose four-year-old great-grandson had accidentally shot himself last year.  The family had a benefit/auction to raise money to pay for medical costs and the customer had asked Vivian if she had anything they could use during the auction.  She donated something for the auction and some of the servers here donated money they had received in tips as well.”

With tears in her eyes, Norton said winning the award was overwhelming.

“I think this is the biggest honor I’ve ever received,” Norton said, who took over as store manager in 2007.  “The Lord just put it on my heart to help anyone who needs it, like the kids at St. Jude.  You gotta fight for the kids.”

Norton said that, even though she’s now district manager and oversees stores in Fulton, Booneville and Holly Springs, she still considers New Albany to be her home.

“I just care about every guest here in Union County.  We’re like a big family here and I just do what I can to serve the community.”

Little said New Albany could not have asked for a better person to be its hero.

“She’s just got tremendous pride in the people here and in the community,” Little said. “It shows in everything she does.”