Cornersville-Blythe News, August 29, 2012

By Martha Hardy


What a pleasant surprise I had on Saturday morning. I woke to find it was raining and it continued to do so off and on for most of the day. Had I been keeping up with the weather, I would not have been so diligent about watering my plants all week. This is not a complaint about the rain, however.

I inadvertently watered one part of the yard that was not intended to be.  I placed the water hose on a couple of my azaleas then ran inside and got distracted. Much, much later, I realized that not only had the azaleas had the best drink of the summer, but a great portion of the yard as well.  The best thing about this was that I was using the well water and not the community water.  It might have been costly if that were the case.

One of the young women from our church has returned safely from a mission trip to Somalia. Ms Megan Swain,

daughter of Amy and Greg Swain, reported about her trip to the church  last week. I did not get all the details, but I will get more information from her later.

Also, a local father and son duo have been on another spelunking trip.  Roger and Brandon Crane spent another enjoyable caving trip to Limrock Blowing cave in Lim Rock,Ala.  This was a return trip for them; the previous trip was in March, when the temperature was 31 degrees and it was snowing.  They started this trip on a hot, muggy morning and the Barometric pressure caused them to be greeted by a gusty breeze coming from the cave.

Limrock cave is a stream cave. The Cranes' goal was to go all the way to the back of the cave, where it is

blocked by large pieces of fallen ceiling.  After crawling 250 feet of mud passage, they came into a room filled with Gysum crystals.  There were so many that they could not move without hearing a crunch underneath.

They said the crystals were a pure white and were covering every square inch of the passage.  Most were

undisturbed, they said, as not many explorers go this deep into the cave.

Limrock is a cold cave, with the temperature averaging around 52 degrees, they said.  Brandon tells me that this

area of North Alabama has over two thousand caves and that it is his favorite.  He said he is looking forward to more exploration.

We would like to wish a belated happy birthday wish to Miss Miriam Whaley, our little neighbor.  Miriam turned six years  old on Aug. 8.

Last Tuesday, the Master Gardeners of Union County were treated to a dinner meeting at the lovely home and grounds of Nathan and Sandy Shaddinger.  Not only were we fed a wonderful meal, we also enjoyed the animals.  The Shaddingers raise Alpacas.  These are some of the most beautiful, graceful and intelligent of animals.  They are also very gentle and seemed to enjoy our company.

Thank you to the Shaddingers for a very enjoyable evening. Also thanks to all the Union County gardeners for making me feel so welcome to the group.  They are a fine bunch of folks and I feel as though I have 20-something new friends.

I had taken the Master Gardener course at the Marshall County Extension office a few years ago, but by chance when browsing in a local garden center struck up a conversation with another shopper, Jo Simpson. She told me she was a member of Union County gardeners and asked me to attend the next meeting.  I complied, and was asked to join with them, which I happily did, just before the March plant sale.  I was fortunate enough to be able to help some little amount with that project.

I must come to a conclusion for this week,  but would like to leave you with this thought from Billy Graham about Jesus' urging followers to lay up their treasures in heaven.  Graham said this can be accomplished by using our

resources to help meet the needs of others.

Until next time, remember God is in the plan.  Be ready for His return.

If you have news to report, email me at  You can also call me at 662-988-3685 or on my cell phone, 662-316-8963.