Rates show a contrast

Once in a while we need to pause and remind ourselves of the quality work done at our New Albany and Union County schools to prepare our students for the life ahead.

One measure of that is graduation, or completion, rate for the schools. The 2011 figures have been released by the state and show that both districts are doing well at keeping our children in school.
New Albany’s graduation rate of 91.7 percent of students who began as freshmen in 2007 is among the highest in northeast Mississippi. Union County’s rate of 87.4 percent is not far behind.
The completion rate, which includes both graduates and those special students who receive completion certificates or GEDs, is even better. New Albany’s rate of 95 percent is tied for first in the state. Union County again is close behind with 94.5 percent.
Are these rates important? Yes. Are they always absolutely accurate? No.
But what is important about them is the contrast between our schools and the districts in Tupelo and Lee County. The Tupelo city schools graduation rate is 74.6 percent and its completion rate 80.4 percent. Lee County’s graduation rate is only 67.4 percent and the completion rate is 74.5 percent.
Who’s getting a better return on the investment? It’s pretty clear to us.
We are proud of our public schools in New Albany and Union County.
We understand the value of a good education, and we are willing to support strong administrators and teachers with our tax dollars.