‘Vet’ designation to be placed on MS driver’s licenses and ID cards

Mississippi Senate Bill 2461 was passed that authorizes the Commissioner of Public Safety to provide a “Vet” designation on driver’s licenses and identification cards for eligible veterans. 

Mississippi Senate Bill 2461 was passed and signed by the governor during the 2012 Legislative Session to amend Sections 63-1-35 and 45-35-3, Mississippi Code of 1972. 

Title 38, United States Code is the governing document for the definition of “Veteran.” The language, as codified in Mississippi Code, for the driver’s license, and the identification card is the same; is as follows:  

“The commissioner is authorized to provide the new, renewal or duplicate driver’s license, temporary driving permit, intermediate license or commercial driver’s license to any honorably discharged veteran as defined in Title 38 of the United States Code, and such license or permit shall exhibit the letters “Vet” or any other mark identifying the person as a veteran. 

The veteran requesting the “Vet” designation shall present his DD-214 or equivalent document that includes a notation from the state Veterans Affairs Board that the applicant is a veteran.”

To verify veteran status, there is a coordinated procedure with the Mississippi Department of Public Safety that will enable veterans to get the needed notation (verification/certification) from the Mississippi Veterans Affairs Board. 

The verification/certification must be on the discharge document (regardless of type) for the Department of Public Safety to issue a “Vet” license or identification card.

One of the main reasons for the “Vet” designation is that certain merchants may offer
discounts or unique services to veterans, and many of them will begin looking for the symbol on the driver’s license or identification card.

Union County Veterans Service Officer Mike Bennett has the procedures and can assist veterans with obtaining the required notation on their DD214s from the Veterans Affairs Board.  

Visit the veterans service office at the Courthouse or call 662-534-1982 for more information.