Ellistown Breezes, August 31, 2012

The end of August means Fall is approaching.  Leaves on the elm trees in my yard have put on yellow dress and are doing their Fall dance before drifting gracefully to the ground. Watching their departure is one of the many beautiful reminders that the season is changing.  Oak trees are following suit as they are gradually putting on their red dress. I just hope and pray Hurricane Issac will be kind to us. September first, my neighbor, Mildred Roberts, will be a young ninety-seven.  She doesn’t mind people knowing her age.  Although she says she doesn’t hear or see as well as she once did, her mind is still very alert.  I  know your, as well as myself, wish her a beautiful and happy birthday.

Carolyn Roberts tells me she has always prepared lunch for her twins, Benny and Lynda, on their birthday, however, she took them out to eat this year because she says she can do that much better since they are now sixty-one. 

Also, a happy birthday to Nancy Jones, who lives in DeSoto, Texas.

When I go out of town to visit a member of the family, I usually catch a ride with Hugh, Cristie, and Maggie because the kids think I can’t drive as well as maybe I once did.  So, I wanted to prepare dinner for their birthdays last Saturday evening.  Hugh thought it would be a good time for him to repair their dishwasher and stove.  About three o’clock in the afternoon Cristie called and wanted to know if I wanted to change it to noon Sunday,  I agreed, knowing I would have to prepare some of the dishes Sunday morning and I, therefore, missed church.  Nevertheless, we had a good visit along with our meal, and I especially enjoyed getting to visit with Cristie’s two boys, Hunter and Lucas Wigington, since they are now engaged in a lot of activities at school, etc. I thought it interesting when they left Hugh and Cristie were talking about buying a new dishwasher and stove.

The doctors have told Crisite the tests have proven she has “lime” disease and has had it for some time.  It is caused from a tick bite. Please remember her in your prayers, also her father, Danny Thomas, who is in the hospital seriously ill.

Class of 1949 Center High School, remember our next Class Reunion is scheduled for Saturday, Oct, 20, 2012, noontime at Family Life Center, Ellistown Baptist Church, intersection of Highways 348 and 9.

 Marjorie Grubbs Roberson called me recently and said she has lost sixty-one pounds and had just gotten out of the hospital again and is feeling good. She has had a lot of trouble since our last class reunion when she and Judy danced the hula.  Remember?  I hope we can all make it this year.