Heritage Pioneer Days to be held Sept. 13-15

Heritage Pioneer Days are approaching and a host of related activities will be part of this year’s annual trek into the past at the Union County Heritage Museum in New Albany.

Sept. 13, 14, & 15 are the dates for the annual event.  School groups are scheduling now for hands-on activities that show how lifestyles were when people here lived in a more rural, grow-your-own culture on Thursday and Friday.  

On Saturday the event is open to the general public.   If teachers are interested in bringing their groups, they should call and schedule while there are still openings.

“This is a great time to bring the children and grand children and let them experience life in the past lane,” said Jill Smith, museum director.  

They will get to work in the corn harvest by shucking, shelling and grinding corn.  Then they will be able to learn about how the corn was used in so many ways- from the shuck to the cobb.  

Pioneer log cabin building,   pioneer toys and games such as tug of war and more, butter churning, writing with a quill pen, the days of the one-room school, hay baling by hand, quilting, spinning and weaving , tatting,  medicinal herbs,  and visiting the vintage doctor’s office and the country store let the visitors know that life here was much different than it is today.

Everything  from starting fires by rubbing two sticks together to how laundry was once done to the taste of sassafras tea, and the always- popular boiled and parched peanuts will be part of this event, Smith said.  Brickmaking, ironing with sad irons, hunting and trapping are all part of the event. Civil War history and the early law and lawlessness as well as blacksmithing, cross cut sawing,  woodworking and more are brought back to life.

The event will include live music inside the museum by the Union County Dulcimers, a group who bring to life favorites from the past, and on Saturday the Mississippi Bluegrass pickers Haywire Fiddleheads will perform mid day.  

Along with the activities on Saturday will be the annual contests for children.   Corn shelling, pea shelling, pea thumping, water melon seed spitting , sack races and egg and spoon races will all garner trophies for the winners.  All ages of children area invited to participate.

The Blue Mountain College History Class will be helping with the event as well and many community volunteers.

“This event is free thanks to our community partners,” said Smith.  

Heritage Pioneer Days will take place from 9 a.m. to noon on Thursday and Friday and on Saturday the event is from 9:30 a.m. until 2:30 p.m.  

For more information call the museum at 662-538-0014 or email at jill@ucheritagemuseum.com.  

 If anyone is interested in volunteering, call the museum at 662-538-0014.