Macedonia News, September 5, 2012

By Lou McQuary


Mrs.. Wilda Kirk fell and broke her hip on Saturday, Aug. 25.  She had surgery on Monday, Aug. 27 at Oxford. She is now on the rehab floor for several weeks of therapy.

Kathryn Wallace Henderson had company, Debby and Ken Menks, from Fredricksburg, Virginia, last week.  They arrived on Sunday, Aug. 26 and departed on Friday, Aug. 31.  

Debby is the daughter of Kathryn’s aunt, Hettie Wallace Pickens.  Hettie and Kathryn’s daddy, Leo Wallace, were brothers and sisters.  

Debby enjoyed visiting the places she remembered as a child when they would come to visit in Mississippi.  They toured cemeteries and churches.  So many of the Wallace’s have passed on, and there aren’t many living descendants left.  

Eating on the square in Oxford and touring the campus of Ole Miss was a highlight of their visit.  

Gina Beth Conlee sustained a serious sprain to her ankle at the softball game on Tuesday, Aug. 28.  She will be on crutches and in a boot for a month.  The team will really miss her.

Patrick’s Grisham’s mother, Fay Grisham, died Wednesday, Aug. 29.  Her body was at Buchanan Baptist Church in Pontotoc County on Friday night for visitation.  Her funeral and burial was Saturday, August 30, at Buchanan.  Her husband, Carlton, died 4 ½ years ago, and her family said she had longed to go on to heaven every since then.  

Patrick is married to Shelly and they have one child, Helen Grace Grisham.  Patrick also has two sisters and one brother.

We welcome Ashley, Jennifer, Ava Grace, and Cohen Russell into the community.  They have been living in the New Albany community but have moved to Macedonia.  They bought Abbie and Paul Voyles’ house.  

Ashley is the son of Regina and Barry Russell and Jennifer is the daughter of Brenda and Jerry McGregor.  

The 24th Knighton Reunion was Saturday, Sept. 1 at Macedonia Family Life Center.  81 were present.  

Those attending are descendants or friends of four Knighton brothers: James, Roy, Bobby, and Billy.  Each year they have a washer tournament.  This year Roy’s daughter in law, Donna, and grandson, Matt, won.  

Johnny Knighton said it was a little scary having so many Knighton’s under one roof!

The Wilder Reunion was held at Wall Doxey State Park Sunday, Sept. 2.  Those attending were Susan and Kelly McClelland; Ginger, Stephen, and Wesley Harrell; Julie and Emily Canoy; Jimmy, Angela, Jacob, Savannah, and CJ Shirley; James and Shirley Shirley; Ray Shirley; Martha Shirley and her family; Cyndy Shirley Hester and her family; Malcolm Rhea; Belinda Davis; Gary and Nancy Rhea; Greg and Ness Hunt (Bernice’s son) and their family.

The family has been having this reunion for sixty years.  The kids always enjoy taking the two mile walk around the lake and some fished.

On Sunday, September 2, Larry Robbins placed a beautiful arrangement of flowers in the sanctuary in honor of his wife, Norma, for their 29th wedding anniversary.

Harold Grisham had eye surgery in Memphis Tuesday, September 4 at the Mecca Clinic.

Ed Johnson will be preaching next Sunday.  He has been a missionary in Africa and the Philippines.  He has worked for the International Mission Board but right now he is working independently.

Next Sunday, Courtney Harris McGaha, will be honored with a baby shower.  She is having a boy, Jackson.  Courtney is the daughter of Angela and Mike Kirk and is married to Joseph McGaha. 

Macedonia is selling tee shirts.  If interested in purchasing one, see Melissa Williams, Melissa Powell, or Anita Douell.  Deadline is September 19.

The Youth will have a fundraiser lunch on Sunday, September 16 after the morning service.

 Thought for the week: God doesn’t give us what we can handle.  God helps us handle what we are given.