Playhouse, September 5, 2012

You may be excused when you eat the rest of your string beans.

ν Please take the rest of this cake with you – we don’t need to eat the whole thing.

ν We watched the rest of the movie before going to bed.

ν I can’t go to bed until I finish the rest of my homework.

ν We need to drink the rest of this milk before the expiration date.

ν The rest of the book will be the most exciting.

ν Baby James drank the rest of his bottle before going to sleep.

ν Do I have to eat the rest of my broccoli too?

ν I emptied the rest of the dirty clothes into the washer.

ν You’ll have to watch next week’s episode to see the rest of the saga.

ν How I wanted to eat the rest of the Oreos, but what about my diet?

ν The rest of the trip was a breeze after the little ones fell asleep.

ν The rest of your classes won’t be this difficult.

ν I really, really can’t eat the rest of my broccoli.

ν Go ahead, there’s just a little bit left. You’ve got to drink the rest of your medicine.

ν The rest of the vacation was ruined by the hurricane.

ν I’m going to do absolutely nothing the rest of the day.

ν If I drink the rest of my milk, can I get up?

ν Someone help me bring in the rest of the groceries.

ν The rest of you will have to take the next bus.

ν Read the rest of Chapter 3 before the next class.

ν The rest of the night was filled with thunder and lightning.

ν Did you read the rest of the instructions?

ν If I never see another ice storm for the rest of my life, I’ll rejoice.

ν The rest of the class may leave; you stay.

ν Pick up the rest of your mess.

ν Don’t leave your seat for the rest of the service !

ν I always enjoyed Paul Harvey’s “Rest of the Story.”

ν We had to fall in behind the rest of the line.

ν You have to follow the same rules as the rest of the class.

ν I’ll read you a book when I finish the rest of the dishes.

ν Can I have the rest of your hamburger?

ν What are you doing for the rest of your life?

 All the “rest ofs” that we have spoken, heard, thought, or experienced have an ending. Then comes eternity – not eternal death but eternal life as inexpressible joy or unimaginable suffering. In both places, will “rest of” ever be spoken?