Blue Springs adds police as expense to 2013 budget

Changes were made to the proposed 2013 budget for the Town of Blue Springs before the budget was officially adopted Tuesday night.

Blue Springs Board of Aldermen members discussed items that needed to be added as well as amended.

Due to the fact that in the fiscal year 2013, will be the first time the town will have police protection, items had to be discussed in the proposed budget for the part-time police officer Anthony Anderson.

The proposed budget for the police department in Blue Springs will total at approximately $12,000. This is for the part-time salary for the officer, gasoline for the police car, vehicle maintenance, insurance, worker’s compensation, clothing, badges, and other miscellaneous items.

Blue Springs Aldermen member Leanna Hollis suggested to increase the original vehicle maintenance amount from $600 up to $1,000 as well as add additional fees of $1,000 for dispatching fees for using Union County Emergency 9-1-1.

Blue Springs Mayor David Boland said he was going to look into how much dispatching fees will actually cost for the town. He said that the Town of Sherman pays $3,200 a year, but that also includes having a prosecuting attorney, a judge, and paying the county for housing prisoners. 

In addition, Hollis and Blue Springs Alderman Sandra Boland both brought up the idea for a Special Projects Fund to be added into the budget. 

Sandra Boland said, “I have been doing research and I think we should have a Special Projects Fund set aside for sewer, land, a new park, more storm shelters, and more.”

Hollis agreed and said that she thinks the board needs to put money inside this fund so the fund can start building each month.

The board agreed to put 15 percent aside for beautification, 35 percent aside for a building fund, and 50 percent set aside for public works.

The board members discussed adding 30 new street lights to the town, having a Blue Springs Park in the future, and also agreed to increase the budget for utilities from $5,500 to $6,000.

Blue Springs Town Clerk Jan Musgrove said, “The budget is always amendable.”

The 2013 budget was adopted by the Blue Springs Board of Aldermen.

 The next board meeting will take place at 6 p.m. on Oct. 2, 2012 at Blue Springs Town Hall.