Cornersville-Blythe News, September 7, 2012

By Martha Hardy


Happy Labor Day to one and all. Here is hoping that all my friends and readers got plenty of rest.

As for for those of us here on Hardy's Hill, we did not plan anything special; just sleep in, since we didn't have to catch a school bus, and nothing pressing to be done.  So rest was the most important item on our agenda.

I would like to send get well wishes to my daughter-in-law, Tina Hardy, who has been having a rather trying time.  She went into the hospital in Collierville, Tenn. for what everyone thought was a routine procedure.  As it turned out though, she was required to undergo major surgery.  She is now home and recuperating.

Also I  have learned that a former resident of Blythe who is now living in Hickory Flat, Troy Baker, is in the hospital in Oxford after a fall at his home. I was told that Troy is in serious condition. We send our best to the both of you.

I am afraid I have been negligent in my reporting of the Cornersville news, as a couple of months ago we had some new neighbors move into our neighborhood.  Actually, they are just returning home.  William and Molly Byers lived here quite a few years ago, but William's job took them to Tennessee.  Anyway, they are now back at home and I would like to beg their forgiveness for the slight. It was not intended as such and we welcome you home.

Molly is the sister of David Greer, Sr.  The house she and William are moving into is one that they built back in over 30 years ago.  This is next door to the home of David and Betty who own the Greer and Greer Equipment Company in New Albany.

I had a very pleasant telephone call from a Mr. Mcneely who now lives on the Poolville-Myrtle Road, but was a resident of Blythe when he was very young.  We have not met, but we have a number of mutual acquaintances.  He knew a lot more about this area than I do.  He told me he always reads my news and ask me to keep up the good work.  But in fact it was he that reminded me that he had not seen anything in my column about Molly and William.  Thank you to a good reader of my news. Keep them calls a-coming and keep me on my toes.

My friend and fellow church member, Rita Burge, has gotten her masters degree at Blue Mountain College.  This has been quite a feat, as Rita has raised two sweet boys, keeps house for her husband, Lynn, and at times work as a teacher.  Congratulations are in order.

This Sunday, Sept. 9, Salem Baptist Church will have our homecoming, Harvey Scott will be the guest speaker and Kim Wickes will be giving her testimony and will treat us to her beautiful singing voice.

If you have never heard Kim, and even if you have, come and hear this wonderful lady.  Her story is truly one that will amaze you.  She was born in Korea some 80 years ago.  As a child three years of age, she, along with her two siblings and parents were in the war zone.  Her parents were destitute and desperate to get away from the fighting.  They were traveling on a road that was being shelled with bombs falling all around.  

Kim's parents told her to close eyes and do not look when the bombs exploded, but, being a young child, she looked and was blinded in both eyes.  Her story is remarkable in the other things she tells about before she came to the United States. Even more remarkable are the many accomplishments she achieved in spite of her blindness.

The song service will begin at 10 a.m. and after the sermon, dinner will be served in the fellowship hall.

This concludes my writing this week, but I would like to leave this thought: “Where flowers bloom, so does hope.”

If you have news to report, call me on my cell phone at 662-316-8963, or on my land line at 662-988-3685.