Erase the “interim”

Over the past couple of months we’ve gauged the community support for and watched closely the performance of Jackie Ford as the interim superintendent of the New Albany Schools.

We’ve liked what we’ve heard and seen.
 It seems to us that Ford has gotten off to a good start and that our city schools are continuing to run smoothly.
He has been careful to try to build on the success of his predecessor, Dr. Charles Garrett, and not get caught up in a lot of change for change’s sake.
Almost from the get-go, Ford was faced with a significant personnel issue and we think he and the Board of Trustees handled it firmly and deftly.
In some ways we feel a bit sorry for the interim superintendent. It always is much easier to look good following someone who has been regarded as a failure than a success.  He, of course, is in the position of following a superintendent regarded as one of the top school administrators in the state.
But we think Ford has shown he can handle the job, and the tough decisions that go with it.
We support a strong superintendent who listens carefully to the staff, teachers and students and then does the right thing to push our schools ever forward. The status quo is never good enough.
And we support a Board of Trustees that sets overall policies and avoids meddling in the day-to-day operation of the schools.
We think Mr. Ford can be that superintendent. He deserves to have the word “interim” erased from his title.