Union County Call Log, September 7, 2012

Union County Cal Log


Aug. 27

Willow Lane: Caller advised son has broken into the house.

CR 59: Lady advised she heard four gunshots.

Women’s Clinic of New Albany: Parking lot 10-50

Hwy 30 W.: Caller stated a small white car with broken windshield was traveling at a high rate of speed. Car was traveling on Hwy 30 W. coming into New Albany.

CR 87: Lady came by the sheriff’s department to report a dog being neglected and it is tied to a tree.

Regal Truck Stop: 10-58 vehicle in front of the Regal Truck Stop.

East Bankhead: Caller advised had an accident in front of Martin Dr. office on East Bankhead. Two car 10-50 with no injuries, but road is blocked.

East Bankhead: Caller advised she needed an officer at her residence.

Aug. 28

CR 174: Caller advised subjects shining flashlights around her house.

Clarke St.: Man renting building needs an officer to go to this building for a report.

CR 68: Lady advised that a male and female were fighting in her home and she wanted them to leave.

Hwy 30 E.: Caller advised there are some dogs around his house that are trying to bite him and his kids.

CR 150: Caller advised someone broke into his home and some things were missing.

Hwy 349: Caller advised her husband is in the driveway and they are going through a divorce. She wants an officer out there.

CR 159: Caller advised subject talking about 10-72. Subject will be in a gray Buick Regal.

CR 94: Caller advised her husband has been putting is hands on her and will not leave the residence.

Aug. 29

Hwy 15 N.: Caller advised subject had a blow out and needs officer’s assistance.

Hwy 30 E.: caller advised truck sitting in the road.

Hwy 15: Two car 10-50, no injuries.

Hwy 30 E.: An 80s model black Chevy has been pulling up in people’s driveways. The vehicle is now heading toward New Albany.

CR 197: Vicious dog in lady’s home.

Mill St.: Lady said someone tried to break into her house last night.

CR 2: Thinks someone poisoned his dog. Wants a report.

BMHUC ER: Patient there with a dog bite. Needs a report.

CR 305: Says some people are cutting timber off of his property.

East Union School: Caller said subject is threatening his wife because he had to fire him from his job. Now subject is threatening his wife and kids.

Park Plaza Dr.: Man called-someone hit his vehicle.

Bratton Rd.: Caller advised snake in her house.

W. Bankhead St.: Requested an officer to do a report that someone has been on his property.

Hwy 348: Threatening to kill himself. Advised his mother to call the law and he will go peacefully.

Hwy 15 S.: 10-55 gray Ford Ranger.

Ellis St.: Caller advised disturbance in progress.

Reeves St.: Manager at motel across from B.F. Ford school requested an officer.

Aug. 30

CR 55: Wants report on some custody issues he and his wife are having with her ex-husband.

W. St. Hwy 30: Report of a possible 10-50. W. St. Hwy 30.

CR 183: Wants to get her clothes and belongings. Her mother is on her way from Corinth.

Hwy 15 N.: One car 10-50, no entrapments.

CR 47: Man said that a power line is down across the road near CR 101.

Hwy 348: His house was broken into for the third time.

CR 115: Horse in the yard, does not know who it belongs to. Horse looks malnourished.

CR 94: Lady needs to speak with an officer about her 15-year old daughter doing damage to the property.

Hwy 30 E.: Walking down Hwy 30 E., possibly intoxicated.

Reed St.: Caller advised subjects causing a disturbance.

 Mills St.: Caller advised subject is looking into the house.