A future rivalry in football

Tuesday was a special day as far as football in this county. After covering softball at Ingomar, I made my way to Kitchens’ Field, where the junior high Bulldogs hosted East Union.
A couple of years ago, I covered the junior varsity and junior high games at New Albany when it was still the Union County squad, and it was awesome to see a potential county rivalry beginning in another sport.
Of course, the Union County team dissolved and moved to East Union this year, but despite that, the schedule still called for the Urchins to take on the Bulldogs in junior high play.
East Union is still in the developmental stages of the program, but with a stable weight program in place and everything solely at the school and more time devoted to practice, it will only be a matter of time before the school hopefully can be competitive with its 4A rival, and it will be an exciting game all around.
I’m not trying to stir up any controversy with this, and I’m not saying it will never happen. In fact, my hope is that in the future we will see this same game take place at the varsity level.
Yes, East Union competes in 2A and New Albany in 4A, and I’ve talked to several in the community who feel that this game will never happen. None of this comes from school officials or coaches. Before the finger pointing begins,  there are just some in the county who do not think this will ever happen.
And that’s a shame.
Despite the differences in classification, there are still rivalries within Pontotoc County, and just last week the Vikings played at South Pontotoc. With time, I think we could have a fun rivalry in Union County like what they have over there.
I’m just throwing out my opinion, and it would be great in the future to see a varsity game featuring these two teams.
Tuesday’s games were fun to watch, and I not only look forward to more like that in the coming years, but also to hopefully see it on a Friday night.
Until then, Corinth travels to New Albany this week, and East Union will be on the road at Ripley, both hoping to bounce back from losses last week. Josh and I will see y’all at the games!