Taking the lead on offense

New Albany and East Union have been successful running the ball so far this year, and it is becuase of two seniors, who hope to help their respective teams snap a two-game losing streak this week.

Boston Newsome and Broderick Montgomery are both closing in on the 1,000 yard mark and have played an intrical part in their respective offenses during this first half of the season.
“The main success I’ve had is the big line that I have that wants to do things at the right time,” Newsome said. “I’m just being a leader for the offense, and I’m hoping we’ll be better toward the end of the season and win some more games.”
Newsome set a personal goal in the offseason to be New Albany’s first 2,000 yard rusher, and could very well reach that mark, already posting 801 yards in five games, averaging 160 per game.
Newsome also leads the Bulldogs in touchdowns with seven. Equally as impressive, Montgomery has rushed for 726 yards with 10 touchdowns for the Urchins in four games.
“I’m just keeping my eyes up and not looking at the person coming toward me, just looking past him and where I need to be before the play happens,” Montgomery said of his success so far this season.
Both the Bulldogs and Urchins have lost two straight and are hoping to snap that streak this week, as New Albany will travel to Cleveland and East Union will host Strayhorn.
“We’re trying to get the line as much experience as we can. We’ve been telling them what they need to do,” Montgomery said. “After that first loss to Mantachie, we’ve been working hard, and we improved against Ripley; we blocked better, but their defensive line was just better.”
For the Bulldogs, the trip to Cleveland brings reminders of last year’s playoffs, where the Wildcats ended New Albany’s season on a last second field goal.
“Everyone knows that Cleveland beat us twice last year and sent us home in the playoffs, so we’ve been focused, and more than that, this is motivated,” Newsome said. “We’re motivated by this team.”
Newsome also said the Bulldogs’ mindset has been different this week, and he has seen more focus and maturity from his teammates after last week’s loss to Corinth.
“You can tell in practice how everyone plays,” he said. “We’re being more mature than what we have been and this is how we should have been at the beginning of the season.”
Kickoff for Friday’s games at Cleveland and at BNA Bank Park are set for 7:30.