Urchins down Benton County at home

The East Union Urchins broke its three-game losing streak Friday night as they hosted the Benton County Buccaneers, defeating them 54-14 and bringing their record to 3-3.

East Union head Coach Scott Duley said this victory provides a much-need confidence boost to his team.

“We were 2-0, and then we lost three games in very poor fashion,” Duley said.  “I told them it’s not about the scoreboard at the end of the night, it’s about how we play.  Do we execute, do we get better every week.  Well the last three weeks before this one, we had not.  This week we took a step in the right direction.”

East Union started off fast as Broderick Montgomery scored a pair of touchdowns early in the game, and the Urchins lead 16-0 to end the first quarter.

Benton County got on the board in the second quarter as they scored two touchdowns of their own, but the Urchins answered with three more trips to the end zone, courtesy of Montgomery, Vadale Rucker, and D.J. Armstrong.  East Union led 38-14 at the half.

Benton County had problems holding on to the ball during the third quarter, as Jacob Elder intercepted a Benton County pass early in the quarter, which would turn into points for the Urchins not long after. 

Elder would have another interception late in the fourth quarter, taking it in for the Urchins’ final touchdown.

Benton County went scoreless in the fourth quarter, and the game finished with yet another East Union interception right as time ran out.

This is the first game of the season where the Urchins did not have a turnover. 

“What I’m most proud of is that we didn’t turn the ball over,” Duley said.  “We’ve had a lot of problems turning the ball over and we’ve worked a lot on that in practice.”

Duley said that their offense was able to execute better than they had in previous games this season, and that their plays in the first half set them up for big plays in the second.

“We were able to open up our passing game,” Duley said.  “We ran a play a lot in the first part of the game and they overcommitted to it in the second part of the game and so we were able to run play action off of that and get some big passes down the field.” 

Duley said that the most important part is that they continue to improve. 

“We still have a lot of work to do on both sides of the ball,” he said.  “Our tackling wasn’t what it needed to be, but a win’s a win.  I’m very proud of the young men and I hope they enjoy it.”

The Urchins host the New Site Royals next Thursday night at BNA Park.

-Story by Josh Presley