Charitable giving

The United Way campaign for 2012 has been going on since August, and up to now the campaign has raised 28 percent of its goal of $2.3 million.

A number of major groups, including those involved in health care, have yet to finish their employee campaigns so the total may be misleading.
But in fundraising, nothing should be taken for granted in raising money to support the United Way of Northeast Mississippi, which operates in seven counties, including Union.
What is important locally is how much money is contributed by Union County residents because that determines how much money is returned to benefit worthy causes here.
This year we had $69,330 distributed to agencies that benefit Union County, a significant decrease from the $91,250 the prior year. That’s a reflection of local giving to the campaign.
The largest benefactors this year were the Good Samaritan Food Pantry with $16,000, Boys and Girls Club of New Albany with $15,000, the New Haven Center with $7,500 and Lighthouse with $5,000. Twenty-five other agencies shared the rest.
Giving in our county to the United Way is well below where it logically should be for a county of our size. We don’t know whether that is because we choose to give more of our money to other charities or because we are less generous than others. As far as we know, there is no measure for that.
The United Way supports many worthwhile causes in our community. If you have not already earmarked your charitable giving for some other cause, we would hope you would consider a gift to the United Way.