City updates wastewater treatment

The City of New Albany’s Light Gas and Water has just completed an upgrade to its wastewater treatment plant – a project that came out of heavy flooding two years ago.

Bill Mattox, director of Light Gas and Water, said the project consisted of raising the holding capacity of the city’s lagoons, as well as raising limits on the water it processes on a daily basis.
“A couple of years ago, we had real heavy rains here in town that caused some problems with our wastewater system,” Mattox said.   
Mattox said that the heavy rains were too much for the city’s system, which, at the time, processed 2.5 million gallons of water per day.  The flooding was so severe that even the city’s lagoons – built to hold extra water during heavy rains – filled up over their capacity.
“In order to alleviate the problem, Light Gas & Water at the time, put the water directly into the Tallahatchie River without treating it.”
As a result, Light Gas & Water, with aid from the state, began a $400,000 project to improve the wastewater treatment plant to prevent such urgent measures from reoccurring.
“As a part of the project, the holding capacity for the lagoons has been raised, and the limit on the amount of water we process per day was raised from 2.5 million to 3.5 million,” Mattox said.
Mattox said that the project was done in order to satisfy the state of Mississippi’s requirements regarding wastewater treatment.
He went on to say that, while the average Light Gas & Water customer may not realize the impact of improvements to its wastewater treatment plant, the project will help prevent future issues.
“Even before that heavy flooding and after it, we’ve had wastewater to back up in certain parts of town where the sewers are not very deep, following heavy rains,” Mattox said.  “So this project will hopefully alleviate some of those issues as well.
Mattox said that representatives of the state government have recently conducted an inspection of the new treatment plant and that it is now fully operational.