Praise for movie

Dear Editor:
Our freedoms are being taken away one by one, and so many of us are standing by and letting it happen. A nativity scene was erected for 75 years at one elementary school, but because the ACLU contended that the school was endorsing Christianity, which this organization defines as a violation of church and state, the school was ordered to remove the nativity scene.

And then there is the story of a small town with a cross on the side of a mountain, which had stood there for years, and this town also faced a court order to remove the cross. Another freedom taken away.
School districts are afraid if a student shows up with a Bible in school; and God forbid if anyone prays aloud on school property. The term “separation of church and state” is misunderstood and misused in the courts and certainly defined differently from what our founding fathers meant it to be. But that’s another letter, another day.
    There was a time in our nation and in our schools when being a Christian was not something from which one would shy; but it seems today that in many circles, Christianity is something for which many would ask forgiveness. We have the right of religious freedom because of the sacrifices of our forefathers, fathers, and young men and women today who are fighting to keep all of our precious freedoms.
There is a little-known movie entitled “Last Ounce of  Courage” now playing at the Tupelo Commons Theater. The movie is about Our Hometown, USA, and the loss of freedom and how each and every one of us must wake up to the subtle stealing of our freedoms. We highly recommend that you make every effort to see this excellent movie, and believe that one person can and must do all that can be done to restore lost freedoms.

Ed and Linda Grisham
New Albany