Fashion police?

There are some things we have a little trouble taking real seriously. A proposed ordinance banning saggy pants is one of them.

The New Albany Board of Aldermen has set Nov. 6 as the time to discuss an ordinance that would ban wearing “sagging” pants. The proposal was brought up by Ward Three Alderman Tommie Beasley.
“It’s just not very decent to me to have a young man who could potentially be a leading citizen of the community walking around with his underwear showing,” Beasley said.
A “sagging” pants ordinance certainly is not a new thing. Other municipalities, including Tupelo, Ripley and Meridian, already have them. Most ordinances appear define the issue as wearing pants or skirts more than three inches below the top of the hips exposing the skin or undergarments. Penalties vary, but in Tupelo the first offense is a $50 fine.
We’re not here to argue the merits of saggy pants. We don’t like them. We also don’t like deep Vs in v-neck blouses, knit shirts that don’t cover the belly, shoes with no socks, short skirts that expose fat thighs, and the practice of wearing caps indoors.
But we’re not proposing to legislate against any of these things. Bad fashion and poor taste to one person is trendy style to someone else.  We’re in favor of reasonable dress codes in our schools. Beyond that, we see lots of potential problems.
And we don’t think we should turn the New Albany Police Department into fashion police.